The “Another task is already in progress” error in esx4

I tried to do a shutdown of a VM from VirtualCenter (vSphere client)  only to recieve an error:  “another task is already in progress”.

Looking through my event-log in VirtualCenter, I saw that an earlier task (a cloning of same VM) had failed due to a timout.

The solution seems to be to log into the ESX servers service console and stop and start the mgmt-vmware service by doing:

# service mgmt-vmware stop

wait 30 seconds or so and start the service again

# service mgmt-vmware start

It seems that the wait is important. A mere “# service mgmg-vmware restart” did not resolve the issue.

This procedure will temporarily disconnect your esx-server – and VM’s running on it – from Virtual Center but otherwise it will not disturb your operation.


  1. Xinli Wang says:

    I had the same problem and tried this fix. It worked.


  2. I had the same problem, google it, found your solution. Applied and it works :)

    Thank you.

  3. shripad says:

    Me too faced the same problem and the mentioned solution worked in great fashion for me.


  4. Abdel Wahab Khan says:

    thanks alot. Fixed the problem.

  5. Hemant Hepat says:

    Reboot the ESX hot to which you connected.
    Connect again and PowerOn the Virtual machine..

  6. Fogg Dogg says:

    Thanks for that. It worked perfectly.

  7. TRaz says:

    Thanks it works well.

  8. Yes, it’s a working solution. Thanks…

  9. Leonardo says:

    Più che perfetto!! :-)

  10. Aidan Gullickson says:

    Worked for me too. Thanks!

  11. chazzy2501 says:

    Thanks, Putty’ed into the host ran the commands and now a Giant snapshot file is being deleted as I write.

    Great fix thanks…

  12. pao says:

    It’s OK for me too, and the other VM hosted on the ESX were not disturbed, perfect !

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